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Using the Graphical Console (VNC) on Windows via OpenVPN.

Setup the OpenVPN client.


In order to use the Graphical Console (VNC) you must download and install the OpenVPN client that we provide in the "VPS is online" email. Click on the link near the bottom of the email and download the Windows Installer or the Configuration Files if you already have and OpenVPN client installed and have no need to install it again. You should also choose the Configuration Files option if you are not using Windows. The link provided expires after one click for security reasons. Please submit a ticket if your link does not work and we will generate a new link for you.



 Once the download is complete navigate to the download location and install the OpenVPN client.







Please choose to install the TAP driver here.



Finish the installation.



Now that the Open VPN client is installed you may establish an OpenVPN connection to our private network and use the Graphical Console.

Establish an OpenVPN connection to fapvps.

Please launch the OpenVPN GUI from your Start Menu if it is not running already. You should run the OpenVPN GUI as an administrator.




Right-Click on the OpenVPN System-Tray icon.








Once the connection is established the OpenVPN System-Tray icon will turn green.




You are now ready to start using the Graphical Console.

Use the Graphical Console (VNC).

Please launch a web browser and navigate to the Cloudmin Control Panel URL provided in the "VPS is online" email and log-in using your credentials.


If a web browser was already running prior to establishing the OpenVPN connection please press Ctrl + F5 to refresh the Cloudmin Control Panel page.



 On the left side menu click on System State > Graphical Console.



You may now use the Graphical Console. Using the information the bottom of the Graphical Console (Not shown in the screenshot above) page you can use an external VNC client such as TightVNC to control your KVM VPS.


If you have established a connection to the OpenVPN server but still can't use the Graphical Console try the following steps.

  • Close your web browser and open it again.
  • Make sure that your OpenVPN System-Tray icon is green and that the connection is established to fapvps.
  • On some systems The DNS override does not work. Please contact Support and we will provide you with a workaround for this known issue.

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